3 Things to Know About the Persons Banking + Robins Financial Credit Union Merger

We’ve got big news! Robins Financial Credit Union has announced its intentions to acquire Persons Banking Company. 

This partnership is a proactive step by both parties to enhance the strengths of each institution. 

Keep reading to learn 3 things you should know about the merger!

Robins Federal Credit Union Persons Banking Company merger

#1: Your Robins Financial Credit Union Membership is Automatic

All Persons Banking customers will automatically become members of Robins Financial by the virtue of the acquisition transaction.

While the Robins membership is automatic, all customers are free to move their accounts to another financial institution subject to the requirements and restrictions contained in their respective account agreements.

#2: Robins Financial Credit Union has a Long History in Middle Georgia

  • It has served the Middle Georgia area since 1954
  • It’s the second largest credit union in Georgia and currently serves more than 248,000 members
  • With an asset of more than $4 billion, Robins Financial can provide expanded offerings in both commercial and personal banking accounts and services. 
  • Robins Financial is committed to the communities it serves through employee volunteer hours, charitable donations, and partnerships with non-profit organizations. In 2021 alone, Robins Financial employees raised more than $87,000 in support of the United Way of Central Georgia and Children’s miracle network.

#3: The Conversion Process Will Take Place in 2023

Both parties are working hard to ensure the transition from Persons Banking Company to Robins Financial is as seamless as possible. 

Completion of the acquisition, or “closing,” is expected to take place around the fourth quarter of 2022, and you will start to notice the transition at that time. 

That said, some changes to accounts and services offered will not occur during the account conversion process, which is tentatively scheduled for the second quarter of 2023. 

Know that Persons Banking customers should continue to utilize former locations only for service of existing accounts until all of these accounts are integrated at the account conversion. All current branches of Persons Banking will remain open and will become branches of Robins Financial following the completion of the proposed transaction. 

More about the conversion process:

  • You will receive important information about the account conversion at least 30 days in advance of the transition of accounts and services as well as an outline of any changes being made to your accounts with Robins Financial, account terms and conditions, or fee schedule. 
  • Persons Banking debit cardholders will be sent new Robins Financial debit cards as well as new checks and updated information for your direct deposit and ACH transactions. You can use your existing Persons Banking debit cards and checks until your replacement cards and checks arrive. 

After the conversion, Persons Banking’s current online and mobile banking platform will no longer be accessible but digital banking services will be available at robinsfcu.org. Directions about access and initial login credentials will be sent in future communications.

To Sum it Up

We know you likely have more questions about this transition, which is why we’ve created a dedicated resource page with information about the transaction, closing, anticipated account conversation, and more. 

We’re enthusiastic about this partnership and look forward to offering expanded services, a variety of mortgage loans, and a full suite of commercial services.

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