3 Reasons To Bank Local

It makes sense to bank with a community bank!

Why? Because community banks have a vested interest in the communities they serve. 

We know we’re biased, but when it comes to banking, Persons Banking Company knows that choosing a community bank is what’s best for you and your neighbors.

Keep reading to learn 3 reasons to bank with a community bank!

3 reasons to bank with a community bank

Reason #1: At Community Banks, Loan Decisions are Made Locally

Have you ever applied for a loan with a big bank only to be left frustrated and confused?

When you apply for a loan with a community bank, decisions are made locally, not by someone in a high-rise building in a big city. 

And our loan officers are accessible! They’ll work with you to help you meet your financial goals.

Loans at Persons Banking Company offer …

  • … the flexibility to finance any life expense, from home improvements to debt consolidation to college tuition.
  • … potential tax savings (be sure to consult with your tax advisor in addition to your Persons Banking loan officer).
  • … an easy application process to make applying for your loan as stress free as possible.

To learn more about personal loan options at Persons Banking Company, click here.

Reason #2: Deposits Stay In Your Community

Did you know that big banks do a nightly sweep of their deposits? 

That means that the deposit you make to a big bank goes straight to the bank’s headquarters (instead of staying in your community.)

When you bank locally, your money stays in your community.

And this helps ensure that your community is a good place to live, work, and play!

Reason #3: Community Banks Give Back Locally

Community banks donate money to local schools, police and fire departments, charities, and civic organizations.

Persons Banking Company gives back to organizations such as:

Monroe County Chamber of Commerce and Police Department
Perry and Warner Robins Chambers
Dogwood Festival in Perry
Forsythia Festival in Forsyth
Mary Persons High School in Monroe County
Houston County Schools

Related: Persons Banking Company Supports United Way of Central Georgia

Members of the Lady Panthers softball team at Perry High School in Perry Georgia stand in front of the Persons Banking Banner on their softball field
Persons Banking Company sponsors the Perry High School Lady Panthers softball team.

To Sum It Up

When you bank with Persons Banking Company, your money stays local! Not only are decisions about your loan made locally, but your deposits stay in your community. 

Local banks also regularly give back the communities they serve.

So what are you waiting for? To learn more about banking at Persons Banking Company, visit our website or one of our local branches.

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