Get to Know Central Georgia Real Estate Broker Amanda Fiebig

Central Georgia real estate broker, Amanda Fiebig, has a passion for helping families find their dream homes. 

And not only does she come from a military family, but she’s also a veteran herself having served in the U.S. Air Force before becoming a Realtor.

She’s lived all over the world, but has called Central Georgia her home since 2013. In 2019, she opened AF Realty Group, a brokerage serving all of Central Georgia.

“I love Middle Georgia and have planted my roots here,” she said. “Of all the places I have lived in this world, Middle Georgia has stolen my heart and I love raising my family here and becoming so involved in the community.”

In this Q&A with Amanda, learn more about her, her brokerage, and what she loves about doing business in Central Georgia.

Amanda Fiebig, owner of AF Realty Group in Houston County, Georgia

About Amanda Fiebig

Persons Banking Company (PBC): Please tell us a little about yourself.

Amanda Fiebig (AF)

“I was not born here in the South but I got here as fast as I could! Although I was born in New England, I fell in love with Middle Georgia.  I was raised as a “military brat” until joining the Air Force myself. 

I have had the pleasure of living all around the world, and when my husband brought us to middle Georgia in the Fall of 2013, I was forever grateful for the move. 

Being in the service, you don’t get to grow roots, and for the first time in my life, we are able to do this. 

I have been in the real estate industry since 2006 and got my real estate license in 2009. I have been selling real estate and have the pleasure of helping so many people in Middle Georgia achieve their dreams since January 2013.

On Starting AF Realty Group

PBC: How and why did you start your business?


“I have always had an entrepreneurial heart and got the opportunity to make that dream come true in February 2019. With the support of my family and the community, AF Realty Group was brought to life. 

After owning other small businesses with my husband, this was my opportunity to make my business dream come alive with real estate.” 

PBC: What do you enjoy most about owning your business?


“I love the fact that my decisions and hard work directly affect my success, and that I can take that success and give back to the community. 

I am inspired by other small business owners–not just the real estate industry–and it has allowed me to help fellow Realtors grow within their business and inspire others to do the same.”

PBC: What advice would you give to a new small business owner?


“Be willing to listen, always be willing to learn, and bet on yourself! 

Network and surround yourself with great people. 

There are many resources and leaders in the community, within local chambers and industry leaders, who would love the opportunity to guide and help you make your dream of being a small business owner come true! 

GO FOR IT! Go be great!”

On Doing Business in Houston County

PBC: What do you enjoy most about owning a business in Houston County?


“The people. The people of Middle Georgia make Houston County what it is today. Though this county continues to grow, there is excitement in seeing opportunities for education, housing, and industry growth. 

The support in our community is strong no matter the need.” 

PBC: How has Persons Banking Company made doing business easier?

“Persons Banking has been instrumental for my company. We have been banking with them for our business and personal needs since 2015. 

The staff is friendly, helpful and we are thankful for all they do for us. 

Whether loans or personal banking they are your one stop for all your banking needs!”
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Wrapping Up

AF Realty Group is located in Perry at 760 Commerce Street and in Warner Robins at 98 Tommy Stalnaker Drive, Unit B. 

You can learn more about the brokerage at, by following them on Instagram at @afrealtygroup and on Facebook at

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