Get to Know Perry, Georgia, Interior Designer Kerri Moore

Exterior of Kerri Moore Interiors in Perry, Georgia

Perry, Georgia, interior designer Kerri Moore not only has a passion for making her clients’ homes sparkle but also for the place she’s called home her entire life.

Read the Q&A below to learn about Kerri, her business, and why she loves doing business in Perry.

Exterior of Kerri Moore Interiors–Perry, Georgia, Interior Designer

About Kerri and Kerri Moore Interiors

Persons Banking Company (PBC):
Please tell us a little about yourself and how Kerri Moore Interiors came to be.

Kerri Moore (KM)
After growing up in Perry, I majored in interior design, which was my passion.

After having the opportunity to work at Sea Island and Saint Simons, I made the decision to go back to school to study radiation therapy.  I loved the job but I would always find myself designing for the physicians I worked with or redesigning lobby space at the hospital.

After 19 years and many moves, I found my way back to that passion, right here in Perry.

I started out renting space on Carroll Street to test the waters.  It wasn’t long before I knew this was my future and I wanted a permanent home for my store. 

For a very long time, I would drive past the vacant gas station on Macon Road, which was for rent, not for sale.  I had a vision for what it could be and finally the opportunity to purchase the old gas station presented itself and my husband bought it for me for my 50th birthday. 

We did a major overhaul but even with all the changes we kept the feel of downtown Perry.

How and why did you start your business?

When I made the decision to get back into interior design, I also had to think about what that would look like. Did I want to strictly stick with designing people’s interior space, or did I also want to expand into the business of gifts?

My dad was retiring, and we loved making things together. He would create beautiful wooden frames and trays and I would finish them.

I knew that there would be many challenges of a brick and mortar space, but I also knew it would give everyone the opportunity to explore the beautiful unique things we had to offer.

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Perry–The Perfect Place to Own a Business

What do you enjoy most about owning your business?

I get to make it what I want.  I have the freedom to choose the projects I work on and what that looks like.  For me, there is a lot of satisfaction in helping someone make their house a home. 

What makes Perry a good place to do business?KM:
Perry is home. Bob and I both grew up here and went to Westfield.  We are engaged in the community and love giving back.

Bob is co-owner of Moore Insurance in Perry.  With both of us having our businesses in Perry we feel a deep connection to the city and the people.

Kerri Moore Interiors and Persons Banking Company

How has Persons Banking Company made doing business in Perry easier?

When I first got started, banking was not something I was comfortable with.  I always knew I would be welcomed by friendly faces when I went to the bank and that they were always there to help.

When we decided to buy the building and complete the extensive renovations, the Bank of Perry [now Persons Banking Company] was there to help with that too.

Kerri’s Advice to Future Business Owners

What advice would you give to a new small business owner?

You have to be all in. Owning a business is not all glitz and glamor, it’s hard work.  Make sure you have good relationships, good resources, and good business partners. Have a good banking relationship.  

Hire good people, the ones you trust, the ones that you can count on to do the right thing when you aren’t there.

(h2) Wrapping Up

To learn more about Kerri Moore Interiors, check out her Facebook page.To learn more about small business banking solutions at Persons Banking Company, give us a call at
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