Mobile Wallet: What You Need To Know

Ever wonder about the Mobile Wallet app on your phone and if you should use it?

Persons Banking Company’s mission is to serve our communities with the best banking services available. 

That’s why we recently introduced Mobile Wallet. Keep reading to learn what this new service is and why you need it.

mobile wallet at persons banking company

What is it?

Simply put, it’s a virtual “wallet” that houses debit card information on your phone.

So, instead of pulling out your actual billfold, you can simply present your phone to make in-store payments.

You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay with your debit card to eliminate unnecessary contact points while shopping in stores. 

It also makes online checkouts faster and more convenient. (This means you won’t have to leave your couch to find your debit card when you want to make a quick purchase from your phone.)

Why Should I Use Mobile Wallet?

It’s easy! Simply follow the prompts in Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay to add your debit card info.

Then, open your wallet at participating merchants to pay for goods and services.

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Reasons to Use Mobile Wallet


  • Contact-free
  • Fast
  • Convenient

Additionally, it’s safer to use as opposed to carrying your banking cards or cash in your billfold. 

Why? Because the information stored in your mobile wallet is encrypted, which means your banking data isn’t accessible to others.

To Sum It Up

  • Mobile Wallet is now available to Persons Banking customers.
  • It’s contact-free, fast, and convenient.
  • It’s safe, because the information stored there is encrypted. 

Got questions? Please reach out! Call us at (877) 753-9224 during our regular operating hours, or visit one of our branch locations in Forsyth, Perry, Kathleen, Conyers, and Swainsboro.

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