Multi-Layer Security at Persons Banking Company

multi-layer security at persons banking company

Persons Banking Company uses a number of innovative technologies to ensure your accounts are secure, including a multi-layer security system.

In fact, each time you bank online, you are protected by a multi-layer security system designed to identify you in a number of ways.

Keep reading to learn more about how Persons Banking Company keeps your information safe.

multi-layer security at persons banking company

Persons Banking Company’s
Multi-layer Security System

Every time you access your accounts online, you’re protected by a multi-layer security system. 

Persons Banking Company uses your login credentials, location, and device to ensure you’re the one attempting to access your account information and not a bad actor.

But first things first–when attempting to access your account information, look for the green bar in your browser’s address bar.

Why? Because this green bar represents our extended validation certificate–a known and trusted way to validate the authenticity of a website.

Layer 1: Your Login Credentials

The first layer of security is your login credentials. 

On our homepage, we’ll ask you to select your account type and then enter your unique access ID.

If your browser’s address bar is green, enter your password and submit to securely and confidently access your account information.

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While we do our part to ensure your login credentials are kept private, there are a few things you can do to secure this information:

  • Don’t share your credentials with anyone
  • Be leary of public WiFi
  • Use a passphrase for your password

Challenge Questions

The first time you login in to your account, you’ll be asked to choose a few questions and responses that help ensure only you can access your account information.

Simply provide your email address, then select and answer your three challenge questions. These will be used to further validate your identity; we’ll tell you how later in this blog post.

Layer 2: Your Device

In addition to your login credentials, Persons Banking Company also looks at the device you are using–regardless of the type (tablet, computer, or phone). 

If our security system doesn’t recognize your device, we may ask you a challenge question (mentioned above) to further verify your identity.

If you’d like for us to remember your new device, simply register it when prompted. The next time you log in, our security will recognize you and confirm it’s your device.

Layer 3: Your Location

Our system also looks at geographic indicators.

If you try to log in from a location we haven’t observed in the past, we may attempt to further identify you by using the challenge questions you answered when you created your account.

To Sum It Up

Persons Banking Company’s strong, multi-layer approach to security provides simple, convenient access to your accounts, and a powerful, effective method for securing against online fraud. 

  • Logging into your accounts using our enhanced, multilayer security is fast, easy, and secure. 
  • The green bar in your browser’s search bar lets you know you’re in the right place.
  •  And our seamless validation confirms your identity by checking your credentials, the device you’re using, and the location from which you’re logging in.

Interested in online banking at Persons Banking Company? Click here to learn more.

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