ATM Image Deposits Explained

Need an easy, quick, and convenient way to make cash and check deposits? Look no further, because ATM Image Deposits have arrived at Persons Banking Company!

Find out why ATM Image Deposits are a great way to bank,  how to make a deposit at our new ATMs, and where to find them.

ATM image deposits at Persons Banking Company

How ATM Image Deposits Can Make Your Life Easier

Our new ATMs allow you to make deposits 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Additionally, these machines don’t require an envelope, and deposits made before 4 p.m. on regular business days are posted to your account the same evening.

(Please note that Persons Banking Company does not accept deposits from other financial institutions.)

How to Use ATM Image Deposits

You can find our new machines at our Kathleen, Conyers, and Forsyth locations.

When making a deposit, be sure you’re prepared. Bring your bank card and signed check(s) and have your PIN memorized. 

Next, be sure to follow the instructions on the ATM machine, which will guide you through the deposit process.

You’ll be asked to:

  1. Insert your card and submit your PIN
  2. Choose the “deposit” option when prompted
  3. Choose the account you’d like to deposit the funds into
  4. Key in the amount of money you want to deposit
  5. Insert the check
  6. Confirm the amount you see on the screen

Depositing multiple checks? No problem! Our new ATMs will accept up to 50 items (both checks and bills) per deposit. 

You can insert the items at one time, and the ATM will print receipts with images of checks deposited.

To Sum It Up …

  • ATM Image deposits are a quick, easy, and convenient way to deposit up 50 items per deposit
  • You can make deposits any time of day
  • Deposits made before 4 p.m. on regular business days are posted to your account the same evening

To try one of our new ATM machines, visit our Kathleen, Forsyth, or Conyers locations today!

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